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She says "I love you" with her hands

She says "I hate you" with her eyes

Macintosh is the devil!
3 April 1989
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I have a phobia of male public restrooms.

There was a girl
There isn't much I really can say about me. I enjoy reading novels of all kinds, sleeping until lunch time, laying outside in the warm summer sun; I enjoy being lazy, though then again...who doesn't? it seems as though my productivity is withering away with each passing day, when I have plenty of things I need to get done anyway. I enjoy looking for all forms of distractions, be it laying on my sofa listening to my music, sitting in front of my computer and enjoying the latest episodes of my favorite shows in between IMs from various friends regarding roleplay or nothing at all, or listening to my grandpa finish just one more chapter from a book.

I've decided to pick myself back up again and give this college thing another go, we'll see where it takes me. With any luck, I'll be curving fine cuisine in a luxury ship in the middle of the Caribbean.

Everybody loves counting
I will fill this out later
It's the little things in life
I am joined with theflamingrose in ~YOUTHFUL MATRIMONY~ on this day
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